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about me...

  • my name is nidhi

  • south indian

  • she/her

  • 15

  • INTJ

  • hufflepuff & horned serpent

  • cabin 3- poseidon

  • leo ♌︎ , gemini ascendant ♊︎ , aquarius moon ♒︎

do not interact if...

  • you are racist, a larrie, lgbtq+ phobic, a nazi, a white supremacist, support jkr, ableist, anti-BLM, a trump supporter, xenophobic, misogynistic, islamophobic, or anti-semitic

  • you hate the actor because of their character

  • you are a science or climate change denier

before you follow...

  • i swear

  • i write in all caps sometimes

  • i am a minor

  • i call people "girl", "bestie", and "bitch", so please tell me if you are uncomfortable with those terms. i apologize if i forget because if we aren't close moots its easier to forget these things.

stan lists...

dana scully and fox mulder

comfort characters...

  • fox mulder & dana scully

  • jake peralta, rosa diaz, captain ray holt, & amy santiago

  • seth cohen

  • samwise gamgee, legolas, & aragon

  • ben wyatt & april ludgate

  • sam wilson, bucky barnes, natasha romanoff, helmut zemo (yes, i know and i am already ashamed but i don't lie when i say i love to see zemo), & scott lang

  • josh lyman & cj cregg

  • the marauders (yes, i am craving a tv show for the marauders era), regulus black (btw i have a bunch of fanfics in my wattpad), & hermione granger

  • cameron james

  • nick miller, winston bishop, schmidt, cece parekh, & jessica day (yes, the entire apartment)

  • marshall eriksen

  • nyles & sarah

  • 9th doctor, 10th doctor, clara, & rose tyler

  • shawn spencer, gus, & juliet o'hara

  • ds ben jones & ds gavin troy

fav shows...

  • the x-files

  • brooklyn 99

  • the o.c. (yes, i know...a bunch of rich white kids getting away with literally everything...but i watch it when im bored and for seth/summer)

  • himym

  • parks and rec

  • snl

  • everybody loves raymond

  • new girl

  • buzzfeed unsolved & buzzfeed supernatural

  • midsomer murders

  • father brown

  • merlin

  • doctor who

  • good omens

  • the west wing

  • scrubs

  • foyle's war

  • psych

  • chuck

  • skam (most countries)

fav movies...

  • ferris bueller's day off

  • a man called ove

  • pride and prejudice (i literally watch this movie once a week)

  • lord of the rings

  • harry potter

  • palm springs

  • popstar: never stop never stopping

  • before sunrise trilogy

  • brokeback mountain

  • atonement

  • marvel cinematic universe

fav people...

if any of these people were to do/take part in/say/tweet/etc anything offensive they would not be my favs so please inform me if they do and i haven't already deleted their name.

amy poehler, andrew garfield, cillian murphy, david brühl, david spade, david tennant, george mackay, heath ledger, helena bonham carter, jake gyllenhaal, james mcavoy, john mulaney, kumail nanjiani, kate mckinnon, keanu reeves, mads mikkelsen, pete davidson, robert pattison, ryan bergara, shane madej, steven yeun, zendaya

important links...

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disclaimer: i did not create any of these carrds

it is imperative that everyone educates themselves on the world's most demanding issues. unfortunately, performative action is seen throughout social media, so through these links, i hope that whoever is reading this will inform themselves and become inspired to improve the world- however small of an action it is. (just don't stare at the screen like those grey's anatomy actors) personally, i have only been able to help raise awareness through social media and sign petitions, but i will continue to do my part as i get older by physically going to protests, etc.

love you...

i am so thankful for all of my moots and oomfs... you guys have created such a kind, warm, and amazing community.
favs: ana, anne, asha, alix, bela, bella, bev, camila, eden, eva, himani, isha, kay, keira, lucy, max, nidhi, noril, rey, robin, shreya, vanessa, via, victoria, & xanna

reminder: drink water and breathe
my dms are always open to talk :)

i hope you have a great day or night wherever you are!